OUR TIERRA LIVRI is a creative placemaking project rooted in acknowledging and understanding the history of gentrification that includes the systematic and recurring land and housing discrimination that continues today.

We’re inviting the the viewer to walk through the panels of lettering that read “Our Tierra Livri” or Our Liberated Land, each word in English, Spanish, and Cape Verdean Creole, the piece is meant to encourage residents to feel ownership over the space. It is a catalyst for community reflection on what it traditionally means to OWN land. The project also suggests a noncommercial and indige- nous conception of land as being held by those who live there; this type of land ‘ownership’ shows a way forward in terms of sustaining and nourishing our communities.

This project connects with the historical victories in creating a land trust and affordable housing made possible by Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative who formed the community landtrust called Dudley Neighbors Inc.. The Our Land project acknowledges the struggle endured by Dudley residents to reclaim and build upon the land which they, their children and families live and thrive.